21-21 Design Sight, Tokyo


21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is a place where people can view the world through design.
It will be not so much a museum as a research center for design, a place for thinking about design, and a place where things are actually made. The aim is to share views and ideas with the many parties involved in design, starting with designers and including companies, craftsmen and engineers, as well as consumers, and to launch a movement to foster interest in, and greater understanding of design.
The planning for the various programs at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is carried out by three directors and one associate director. The directors are designers Issey Miyake, Taku Satoh and Naoto Fukasawa, and the associate director is Noriko Kawakami.
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will stage two major exhibitions a year. Each will tackle a single theme and be organized by a single directors, all of whom are familiar with the creative scene, who will address everyday topics of concern to all of us based on his or her own experiences. Through a process of examination, investigation, and realization of programs together with people from a variety of genres, it is hoped that 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will be able to present a range of unique design perspectives and new ways of looking at and interpreting the world around us.

by Masaya Yoshimura
by Masaya Yoshimura
by Masaya Yoshimura

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