Al Maha Desert Resort, Dubai


Al Maha, is just a short 65km drive from Dubai is in the centre of Dubai’s heritage and conservation. The resort  lies nestled within a green and verdant oasis amongst some of Arabia’s most impressive dune and desert landscapes, resembling an ancient Bedouin encampment.

The place took its name from the proudest of all dune dwellers – the Arabian Oryx. Herds of these spear-horned antelope would appear out of the heat haze – nomadic bands seeking this place of shelter and respite. The people named the oasis after them, and ‘Al Maha’ came to be known far and wide.


With access denied to non-residents, you’ll be welcomed into a private sanctuary, offering seclusion, tranquillity and luxury, from the minute you enter our peaceful reserve until you leave, the richer for your desert experience.

There are 37 Bedouin Suites, each enjoying their own private space amidst the quiet resort surroundings. The interiors scattered with regional antiques and artifacts. Each private swimming pool spills out into a never ending vista of dramatic desert and mountain views whilst the private deck provides a secluded area for spending relaxing time alone or as an intimate spot for a personalised dining experience..

For a real desert experience, don’t miss to stay at Al Maha while you are visiting Dubai.





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