Aman Summer Palace, Beijing, China


After 20 years Aman still continues to impress travelers with its new city resorts and Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing is the ultimate ‘urban resort’.

Opened at the end of 2008, Aman Summer Palace is the peaceful retreat just steps from the East Gate of one of Beijing’s most remarkable landmarks – the Summer Palace., an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Housed in a series of pavillons, some of which are over hundered years old,  which served as guest quarters for those awaiting an audience with the Empress Dowager Cixi at the turn of the last century. Aman has a private door which opens directly to the Summer Palace and gives you access to the beautiful gardens and architecture dating back to 12th century.

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing has the courtyard architectural style of the Palace with elegant Ming-Dynasty inspired furniture and the use of traditional materials. Although it is in one of the biggest and crowded cities of the world  balance and tranquility provides the perfect respite from the outside world, and the ideal base from which to explore the vibrant capital.Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing is the ideal portal through which to experience this multi-faceted city, and within the resorts walls a mysterious sense of peeking through the veil of time to the romance of another era lingers on.


With Aman Summer Palace Aman also started an initiative about Wine. Amanresorts’ new wine and spirits programme launched just last year.  The programme sees Aman partnering with handpicked family and boutique producers from every corner of the globe to make available some of the world’s most coveted wines and spirits at select Amanresorts properties worldwide. Many producers have developed brand extensions, including reserves and single-vineyard bottlings of their finest vintages, exclusively for Amanresorts. Others have made their previously ‘off-limits’ caves, private reserves and personal library selections available to Amanresorts alone.  Guests of Amanresorts will also be welcomed into the wineries, chateaux and homes of partners around the world by prior arrangement. Aman Summer Palace has its own private wine selection which is available through all its restaurants and bars and in its tasting room.

The resort has 8 Guestrooms and 10 Courtyard Guestrooms  and 8 Suites, all facing to a private courtyard.  With its cultural private tours, impressive Aman Spaand indoor pool, elegant lounges and bars, and different restaurants for all tastes and of course with usual exceptional Aman Service this is THE place to stay in Beijing and experience both the 12th and 21st centuries.







photos are courtesy of Aman Resorts

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