by Ozlem Avcioglu

Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India


Amanbagh  is a privileged oasis in the heart of Rajasthan. It is a true Rajasthani experience.

Situated in the foothills of the Aravalli Hills and built, haveli-style, using local materials like soft sandstone and pale pink marble, Amanbagh is a regal garden estate in the starkly beautiful wilds of Rajasthan. Circled by walls which enclose a verdant oasis watered by a nearby lake and tributaries of the Chambal River, Amanbagh was once the site of the Maharajah of Alwar’s hunting lodge, and his favoured garden retreat.


Amanbagh rests within a walled enclosure and its fertile soil, watered by a nearby lake, supports an exotic garden of statuesque palms, aged eucalyptus and fruit trees, frangipani and lawns of manicured jade green – a dramatic contrast to the surrounding rugged terrain of the Aravalli Hills. Styled after the grandiose architecture of the Moghul era, Amanbagh pays homage to Rajasthan’s golden age through its elegant, unique interpretation of a grand haveli, or nobleman’s palace.

Amanbagh is a secluded and sumptuous retreat, offering visitors 24 Haveli Suites and 16 Pool Pavilions and the opportunity to discover and explore the fascinating remnants of Rajasthan’s extraordinary history, as well as the colourful culture and wildlife that flourishes today.




by Ozlem Avcioglu

by Ozlem Avcioglu

by Ozlem Avcioglu
Photos: courtesy of Aman and Ozlem Avcioglu



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