Amandari, Bali, Indonesia


Amandari is one of the most original resorts in the world since it is  originals among Aman resorts. It is not only designed after a Balinese village , it is in the middle of a Balinese village surrounded by the rice terraces and  the rushing water of the Ayung River. In the early morning you see villagers are passing through the pathways in front of your balcony and working in the rice fields in front of your room..During evening they use the hotels alleys to resturn to their houses. You feel like you are really living in a Balinese village since there are no boundaries between Amandari and the village houses..

Located 129 steps down the hill from Amandari, this statue and surrounding temple are a reminder of the deep connection that exists between the resort and the community in which it resides. Balinese believe the path
leading through Amandari – which means “peaceful spirits” – and its surrounding rice terraces are sacred ground.

The resort located adjacent to the village of Kedewatan, five minutes from the arts community of Ubud, in central Bali, Indonesia. The resort built 20 years ago as second Aman with river-stone walkways and high paras-stone walls. The  open-air lobby with towering posts of coconut wood and a cool honey-toned stone floor is designed after a village meeting place. For more than 20 years it has regularly borne witness to colourful village processions, passing through on sacred ground to the holy shrine in the valley below.


Thirty free-standing thatched suites, some with private plunge pools, are located on either side of the lobby, separated by andesite walkways, traditional Balinese-style gateways and private gardens. Local teak and coconut wood, as well as Javanese marble and volcanic stone, is used throughout the suites, creating cool contemporary spaces with all the warmth of a true Balinese home.

Being 20 years old, the first of Amans in Bali of course is not brand new, but it has mature well, the vegetation hasgrown impeccable, and it is well maintained for a 20 year property.










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