by Ozlem Avcioglu

Château Les Crayeres, Reims

by Ozlem Avcioglu

Les Crayers is not only the best place to stay in Champagne region, it has one of the best service in the world. The Chateau is a luxurious gourmet retreat in Reims, where guests can relax in their great rooms or superb garden and savour the cuisine and champagne…Les Crayeres is located in a seven hectares park and was the private residence of the Polignac Family. The Xavier Gardinier family, who owns Château Phélan Ségur in Saint-Estèphe as well  bought this internationally-famous place in 2001. The restaurant of Château Les Crayeres, located in the heart of Champagne area, is an important place of the French traditional gastronomy.


Didier Elena, the chef has worked for more than fifteen years with Alain Ducasse who gave him, at the opening, the responsibility of the Essex House’s kitchens. The menu is designed according to its Champagne menu, which is one of the bests..Apart from Champagne you could also taste great Pinot Noirs from the region. The most important is that the service  remains always high and one of the highlights of the stay.

by Ozlem Avcioglu


photos courtesy of Les Crayeres and Ozlem Avcioglu

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