Cruising in one of the most spectacular places of the world : Halong Bay


Hạ Long Bay or “descending dragon bay” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a spectacular place.. It should be in everybodys bucket list because its an amazing lifetime experience.. Halong Bay is a real natural beauty, towering limestone pillars and tiny islets topped by forest rise from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The spectacular scatter of islands, dotted with wind- and wave-eroded grottoes, is a vision of ethereal beauty and, unsurprisingly, northern Vietnam’s number one tourism hub.  The most attractive thing about Halong Bay comes with the fact that it contains approximately 1,969 small islands.


In order to experience the beauty you should spend at least 24 hours in Halong Bay..And the best choice is to arrive from Haoi airport with a seaplane in order to see the panoramic view of this natural wonder from above. Hai Au Aviation operates daily direct flights from Hanoi to Halong bay and back in only 45 minutes per way. They also offer 25-minute sightseeing flights over Halong bay. From up high in the sky you have amazing views over this magnificent landscape of limestone pillars pushing up out of the green waters.

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In order to spend at least 24 hours in Halong Bay you have to choose a cruise company. Ours was Paradise Luxury and the boat was built according to the traditional Vietnam cruise design and present a lavish outfit blending in subtle harmony with the natural environment of Halong Bay – Vietnam. Speaking of boats and cruisers, if you are planning to fish on the region you will need a license, get it in an easy and fast way at aceboater. And make sure as well to bring along extra boat batteries and other boating equipment. All Paradise Luxury cruises offer  luxurious cabins and suites as well as an exciting array of Halong activities to be enjoyed while experiencing the spectacular scenery of the “Bay of Descending Dragons” Selecting a dock Line that serves your sole purpose is very essential to get the best from it. Hence, always be careful to choose the right make and model. Talking about this, it needs to be mentioned that getting one in the right size is also a matter of great importance. The general norm applicable for selecting the size is 1/8″ of line for every 9′ of boat. Never ever pick one that is bigger than the size you want, because otherwise your purpose would not be served. This is unlike boat anchors where selecting bigger size is recommended. After size comes the length of the dock line. It is suggested that it should be 2/3 the length of your boat. This helps in keeping your boat snugly to the dock, while maintaining its flexibility. Though one rope is enough to tie your boat to the dock, you should keep two for emergency situations like heavy/stormy conditions. You can get redirected here for the Importance Of Dock Lines. You can consider doubling your lines for more effectiveness. However, to get the best from your docking lines, it is suggested that you use chafe guards. These protective gears are good for extending the longevity of your dock/spring lines. This is quite important as you all know that these ropes don’t come cheap. For this protective quality of theirs, these are also known as ‘sacrificial’ chafe guards, as they themselves wear to save your dock lines. These are available in many different configurations, style and make. Apart from being super functional, they also add beauty in your marine vessel. Hence, get one of these if your line dock is exposed to high abrasive conditions. The online destination is a great source for getting the best ropes including the climbing rope, cable pulling rope and dock lines that are suitable for your applications. Here, you can get nylon rope lines that have great strength and are resistant to all types of abrasions. Get an 8 Plait rope that is stronger than traditional three-strand lines.


Each vessel features a stylish restaurant and bar for an exclusive dining experience on the third deck with impressive 5-star service of Halong luxury cruises, which are fully covered with boat protection for its passengers’ safety. The top deck serves as a perfect place to enjoy lingering in the sunshine and discovering the splendid beauty of Halong bay with a 360 view, thus promising unforgettable and thoroughly relaxing moments during your Halong cruise tour, and other celebrations as the Newport Beach Boat Parade 2020 which is great for those loving the boating lifestyle.


The water around the bay, within the islands keeps on attracting the interests of the visitors. The fishes within the water can also be seen easily, since the water there is quite clean and transparent. In spite of the fact that the Halong Bay contains several islands, beholding oceans around itself, the fishes and other sea-eatable-animals are found in a large quantity. This helps the fishermen to sustain their families with a more than average income.


Halong Bay, it’s a perfect centre of attractions for many. The bay contains several gleaming islands that are good enough to make your day. Islands at Halong bay have different sizes and forms offering refreshing overlook that will make you to stand and stare to its beauty for longer than just a little while.

Cat Ba Island: Spring is the best season to visit the Cat Ba Island at Halong bay. Even though you might notice a bit warmer climate around the globe this season, yet at Cat Ba Island, you’d experience quite a soothing atmosphere in springs too.


Dau Be Island:Visit Dau Be Island  in summers so that you get to explore its popular swimming and diving spots. The place composes a look that is worth being admired especially in summers.

Dau Go Island: Dau Go Island at Halong bay despite of containing a soothing look because of the oceans  around itself, yet it’s also known for its everlasting view that comes by its colourful cave which is somewhere about 20 meters high. In case you’re hoping to explore any place for taking snaps and gather the world’s beauty, then Dau Go Island is worth exploring.


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