Deplar Farm, Iceland

Deplar is a converted sheep farm, situated in the remote Fljot valley in the mountainous Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland. Today’s modern structure celebrates a rugged past, and honors authentic Icelandic architecture with 13 en suite bedrooms. It’s a one-stop-shop for adventure, solitude, mystery, and high-end amenities. By day, you can cosy up by the fire, or float in the open-air pool; under the midnight sun’s golden glow, or – if you’re lucky – the eerie green and purple of the Northern Lights. Ingredients for Deplar’s farm-to-table fare are provided by local fishermen, farmers and brewers, and include mountain lamb and salmon or char caught in the nearby stream. If you are planning to head on up there, then you should consider an rv transport and get an iceland camper rental to have a comfortable ride.

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