Dominus Winery, by Herzog de Meuron, Napa, USA


Dominus winery was designed by the Swiss architects, Herzog and de Meuron. Known for their innovative architectural design, their approach was to integrate the winery into the landscape, echoing our belief that the vineyard is of utmost importance. Indeed, from a distance, the gabion structure dissolves into the landscape and it has been dubbed by the locals “the stealth winery.”

Filled with basalt rocks from the nearby American Canyon, the stainless steel baskets are both an aesthetic and technical choice. Generally used to retain dirt along highways, here the gabions are used to moderate the extreme temperatures of the Napa Valley.Dominus’ glass offices provide panoramic views, allowing us to follow at all times the activity in the vineyard, key to producing a great wine Dominus is the property red wine, produced in the heart of Napa Valley by Christian Moueix and his team. Since 1983, our goal has been to express the unique terroir found at the historic Napanook Vineyard.




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