Eskaya Beach Resort, Panglao Island, Philippines

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is in Panglao Island which is at the southernmost tip of Bohol, Philippines.  It is a sprawling property which covers 16 hectares. The resort is boutique in style which accounts for its exclusivity. Architecture of the building is decidedly Filipino with a splash of modern amenities. The thatched villas or “balai” in the dialect, are single-detached. Most of the villas have individual private swimming pools.

The focal point of the resort is the infinity swimming pool which definitely blends with the sea at its bluest. The spacious restaurant has a cool feeling, yet with a warm ambiance and plenty of sea view and swimming pool view. Handuraw Spa is a big come-on at Eskaya. The spa is tranquil yet modern. It offers a gracious fusion of traditional therapies and modern spa technology, a melting pot of Asian healing practices and rich European spa traditions.

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