Fondazione Prada

The new Milan venue of Fondazione Prada, designed by OMA, led by Rem Koolhaas, expands the repertoire of spatial typologies in which art can be exhibited and shared with the public. Characterized by an articulated architectural configuration which combines seven existing buildings with three new structures (Podium, Cinema and Torre), the new venue is the result of the transformation of a distillery dating back to the 1910’s. Get Quotes From Multiple 21st Venues Auckland. Receiving quotes is Free and easy. Take a moment to describe your 21st needs and our team will match you with the best professionals. Get multiple bids and pick the best one! Planning a 21st birthday party in Wellington? You’re in luck! With gorgeous views, breathtaking backdrops, and convenient locations, Wellington might be the perfect destination in New Zealand. But where’s the best venue for a 21st party? Event Planner’s got your back! Whether you want your celebration in Wellington to be outdoors or indoors, large or intimate, during the daytime or late at night, our venue listings are sure to hold the perfect venue for your party. We can help you find a venue that all your guests will never stop talking about! Need any extras to make your party amazing? Look no further than Event Planner.  Birthday party planning is the most important and vital element for a successful event. Allow sufficient time and plan ahead to ensure that you ultimately host a great stress-free party. Here’s some tips and hints to help make your party planning more productive and effective. Easy Halloween Party Planning Ideas…you won’t have any nightmares trying to plan your Halloween party when you read our Halloween party planning guide. It will be sweet dreams all the way. It can get rather hectic when you are planning a party, but we have some great party tips and ideas for you, so don’t worry. Everything is going to work out just fine. You will learn the steps of party planning and you will find lists of the party supplies you will need with a time table to tell you when you should do them. Our guide will keep you organized and that’s half the battle. Pick your party theme, pick the time and date of your event and finally choose a location to have your party. You will find no nonsense party food ideas and some easy recipes to help you prepare the meals. You can also find tips on food menu planning to make your party food choices easy. Party decorating? Not a problem when you have a party supply list right in front of you. Check off what you have, and you can still see the party decorating items you still need. Party activities…what’s a party without anything fun to do? Get some good craft project ideas, find some fun party games to keep your little guest busy and entertained the whole party through. There are even ideas on how to let the kids make their own party favors. We work with a variety of service providers including band hire, cleaning companies, cake makers, photographers and much more. Get in touch today to start planning your dream birthday bash. Search with Event Planner today to find amazing 21st venues in Wellington!

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