Les Bains Paris, France

Once a private bathhouse for the likes of Marcel Proust, a hotspot for the Bohemians of the Belle Époque, and a famed nightclub where Jagger and Bowie romped, Les Bains is gloriously back. Thanks to the outstanding joint work of the architects and designers Vincent Bastie, Tristan Auer, and Denis Montel, the property shines as a vibrant, connected, international clubhouse and hotel, which includes a restaurant, bars, a private lounge, a club, guest rooms, and suites. Auer, who designed the hotel’s 39 rooms and suites, was named “one of ten best contemporary interior designers, stars of tomorrow” by Architectural Digest. Montel, who is responsible for the chic French look found in Hermes boutiques around the world, is the man behind Les Bains’ ground-floor restaurant/salon

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