Mar Adentro, Los Cabos, Mexico


Located in San José del Cabo, Mar Adentro is the brainchild of Miguel Ángel Aragonés, a Mexican architect. His new hotel is sleek and otherworldly, all clean lines, cantilevers, deep shadows and stark white cubes mirrored in still blue reflecting pools. Delicately illuminated pathways lead across the water, winding between the hotel’s various buildings and spaces, from oceanfront pool to art gallery to cocktail bar to spa. The sushi restaurant, Nido, is one of the more innovative indoor-outdoor spaces we’ve seen around these parts. There is also a mexican restaurant to cater to his culture. The floating buildings contain nearly 200 guest rooms: each is a modern retreat, pristine and white, with streamlined decor and floor-to-ceiling windows letting in abundant sunshine and views of the sea.






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