Palafitte, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Palafitte is unique, the only five star hotel in Europe built on water. Built on piles on the lake of Neuchâtel, the hotel is decorated with unique style, luxurious design and advanced technology. The Palafitte offers forty luxury pavilions with breathtaking views of the lake and the Alps, which of twenty four are built directly on the lake. Each pavilion measures 68m2 and has a private terrace, with direct access to the lake . Its restaurant Le Colvert  invites you to enjoy an inventive and refined cuisine in an original decoration. When it comes to transportation, Swiss Travel System offers a variety of different travel passes for different budgets and trip durations. Starting at 216 CHF (around $225 USD when updated in March 2018) for a 3 consecutive day 2nd class pass, there are also 4, 8, and 15 day passes, offering more value the longer you stay., there is also the option of renting a car and keeping the car-details in your car is essential. You can rent a car on the Swiss or the French side of Geneva airport when you visit this Geneva car hire website. Always compare car rental prices before booking.

Swiss people characteristics are very friendly and quiet people – some might say boring, but I say they are very polite. Loud talking, e.g. in public, is not well received. However, I have noticed that the people in the Italian-speaking part are different than (meaning a bit livelier)  the people in the German-speaking part. If you travel to Switzerland and do not want to attract negative attention, keep it quiet.

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