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Kyoto Guide: The Best City In The World

When people ask me which city in the world I love most, my answer is Kyoto. While Tokyo is all high-speed trains, flashes of neon and skyscrapers, Kyoto is all about ancient temples, tea ceremony masters, traditional ryokans, geisha’s, zen gardens , centuries old craftsmanship, culture and piece of art …

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Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing

An Argentinian contemporary artist of global repute, Leandro Erlich’s exhibition is the largest Solo one  to date! From massive installations to videos, Erlich’s works employ optical illusions and sound effects to shake up our notions of common sense. Though what the audience sees may at first glance seem familiar, on …

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Tokyo Aman

Aman Tokyo, located in the financial district of Otemachi, draws its design inspiration from traditional Japanese residential structures. Classic Japanese materials such as timber, Washi paper and stone are blended to great effect with modern technology and luxurious fabrics. Filtered light contrasts with solid elements, creating a subtle interplay of …

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