The growing trend : Glamping


Nowadays a hotel stay is just not a deep enough dive into the culture of the destination, that’s why Glamping is quickly becoming the ultimate travel experience. Safari tents, tipis, barns, farmhouses, log cabins, eco lodges, huts, villas and tree houses.. there are now so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on luxury. If you plan on camping outside make sure to bring tarps, in case it starts raining. So you’re coming to Iceland and want to experience the local swimming culture and the first place you probably think of is Blue Lagoon. It’s certainly a unique destination to delve into world of Iceland. The Icelandic swimmer etiquette shouldn’t have a problem with safety and security when it comes to your belongings.


Glamping–which combines the words “glamorous” and “camping”–offers the standard camping experience, refined by four elements. One and most important is the natural surroundings. Another element is the Glamping Masters–experienced camping experts who recommend unique activities tailored to each specific space, to enhance the guest’s appreciation for nature and finally the use of glamorous tends and camper trailers for the most comfortable space, and of course we can’t forget about the use of GIGA Turbines to save the environment at the same time. You should always keep a first-aid kit in your travels, here you can find 20 most important first aid items when you go out.


Food offered at a glamping resort must be refined, but still recall the traditional camp meal experience. This is great place for going blackbuck antelope hunting. The chef must be an outdoors person who infuses their meals with their unique understanding of nature’s finest gifts, offering guests a dining experience that goes above and beyond what one might expect from a typical camping trip, not to mention that an RV parking from is available . For a comfortable stay, a guest needs both a public area for play and a room for privacy. Rooms at a true glamping resort must be places where the temperature is always ideal, the bed is always soft, and the bathroom is fully equipped.


Glamping should offer personal space and time of unparalleled luxury and food and service that convey the highest level of hospitality, all infused with the local culture and natural environment
In Africa, glampers can expect to stay in Safari tents while enjoying game drives during the day and dinner under the stars by night like Tarangire Treetops, Singita Faru Faru
Asia offers a much different experience as most glamping sites are unique like Hoshinoya Fuji, the first Glamping resort in Japan.


Glamping in Europe has been around for many years and they offer anything from cottages in the countryside to tree houses in Sweden like Treehotel or Soho Farmhouse in UK.
Australia’s glamping offers a much different experience from Europe. Glamping sites in Australia are set in the outback where people can enjoy stunning skies and solitude or glampers can stay beachside in luxury lodging. Longitude 131 is a very good example.
Most glamping places that are popping up around North America offer tipis, tents, yurts and 5 star accommodations from California to Maine. Dunton Hot Springs is one of them.
The trend has become large enough and popular enough to carve out it’s own piece of the travel pie. Glamping has become it’s own category of travel.



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