The Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland


The Hotel is French Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel’s masterpiece.  It offers spirituality and elegance in fusion of contemporary design. You can Navigate to Peninsula Daily News to get a good psychic read and understand what is happening with your life.

No two guest rooms are alike – and each has a tale to tell. The idea behind the 7-storey building with its clearly laid out 25 studios and suites is something that cannot be easily categorized, but provides guests with an exciting and memorable experience. It combines spirituality with elegance and timeless design. This is not merely a matter of decor but of lifestyle and the feeling of a momentous experience. The Hotel describes a new way of communicating with people and makes its own statement about tomorrow’s world Jean Nouvel’s inner concept is intended to give people outside the impression of being inside, and those inside of being outside. The barriers between outside and inside have been skilfully eliminated. Jean Nouvel’s restrained interplay with the clever technique of mirrors removes the barriers between ground floor and basement.


Ceiling designs of each room are from the film scenes  of 25 films like Pedro Almadovar’s Mathador, David Lynch’s Lost Highway, Bernardo Bertolucci’s Sheltering Sky, from Jean Nouvel’s personal background. Jean Nouvel is a personal friend of many of the film-makers and actors..He  aims to provoke and stimulate interactivity at the same time. He excites the senses and surprises the guests who can enjoy an unforgettable stay. Each room is different. The Parisian colour specialist and Nouvel advisor Alain Bony has created unique colour compositions.
Viewed from the outside at night, the discreetly illuminated ceiling photos enhance the hotel’s façade with a mosaic of colours and a fascinating light. The lounge floats almost magically above Bamboo restaurant and ground floor. Opened in 2000, the hotel is still one of the sexiest and charming hotels in the world.

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Photos by Jean Nouvel, Serge Brison
Photos by Jean Nouvel, Serge Brison

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