Extreme cruising: Cruising wild style is the latest luxury adventure


Cruising is continuing to grow rapidly around the world, and within the industry, expedition trips are the hot trend. Cruising to wild parts of the world with experts on small expedition-style ships is catching on. More and more existing cruise operators are stepping into the luxury expedition sector. Increasingly, the trips are going upmarket with fine food and wine, service levels that you’d find at five-star boutique hotels, and ships finished off with the highest standards of workmanship and technology. Expedition cruising was once confined to polar areas, but it now extends around the world from Far East Russia to the Kimberley.


These expeditions are extraordinary experiences. The trips are designed with curious, intelligent people in mind and they give guests up-close and personal encounters with the world’s most remarkable geographies like Siberia, Galapagos, Borneo and Antarctica. People now are looking for unique experiences in terms of going to remote locations and the opportunity to go ashore in zodiacs to land on ice, go up rivers, under waterfalls, on to beaches or into coral caves. More and more people want to immerse themselves in the wildlife or the culture of the region. You can hire Kai Kanani snorkeling trips or private sunset tours. You might also want to try molokini snorkel tour for the best snorkeling experience in the world.


For a luxurious and intimate cruise experience The True North explores one of the world’s last great wilderness areas, the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia Accommodating just 36 passengers, True North is a floating boutique luxury hotel.Cruises are often regarded as relaxing affairs where eating, drinking and napping is the order of the day –


Or you can go snorkeling in the Arctic Polar snorkeling is the latest shore excursion offered by a small-ship cruise line Aurora Expeditions  that sails to northern Norway and Greenland.Aurora Expeditions based in Australia offers the snorkeling option for those who want to see sea anemones and urchins, crabs and “the occasional polar cod”.  If you are looking for your next best cruise adventure, then check out the Live Your Aloha website and go through their various packages like whale watching tours to match the one which suits you the best.


Want more? After cold north, it is time to warm up some there in Africa! Visit Kensington Tours for more information!

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