NEF Luxury Living in Gölköy

A concept that blends luxury with comfort so you can enjoy each moment more… A distinctive concept brought to life by the world’s greatest designers and full of subtle ideas sometimes evoking feelings you have missed and sometimes carrying the promise of something new. NEF Gölköy houses designed by the architect Emre Arolat, perch gently on the available terrain without disturbing the natural texture and inclination of the geography, preserving all the pine and olive trees.

Nef Gölköy, a project of the “Luxury Living” concept will be managed by the Banyan Tree Hotel in Nef Yalıkavak.”

The 42 exclusive villas on the forefront await for you. As one of  Luxury Foldhome services of NEF your own cabana and a private pier by your home nothing stands between you and the sea.

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