Green T House Living, Beijing, China

Founded by musician, artist, tea-master and trend-setter JinR, GREEN T. HOUSE “Living” is a must visit when you are in Beijing. Situated on the outskirts of Beijing GREEN T. HOUSE Living occupies a bold, pavilion rising gracefully from expansive, terraced courtyards of white stone set in a vast 15,000 square meter complex in the high-end Wen Yu River quarter .

The chic dining destination is famed for “T-cuisine” and embraces cutting-edge music performances, art exhibits, tea presentations and ceremonies, and creative events. Attracting an eclectic mix of artists, celebrities and prominent local and international guests, GREEN T. HOUSE Living aims to revitalize the senses and sooth spirits, drawing on the traditions of Chinese architecture, history, philosophy and the ‘way of tea’ combined with modern elegance and simplicity. A destination so perfect that a Melbourne building inspector would approve.


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