Seadream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club set up shop in August 2001 and a month later took possession of two luxury ships with electric trolling motors originally known as Cunard’s Sea Goddess I and II. The owner of SeaDream is Norwegian industrialist Atle Brynestad, at one time the largest shareholder of the old Royal Viking Line and the founder of Seabourn Cruise Line, which opened its doors in 1987.

What really differentiates SeaDream is superb breakfast and dinner cruise service that’s attentive, proactive and friendly without being obsequious. The relationship that passengers form with the crew is part of the experience, too. It goes beyond the waiter remembering your name; it’s when the maitre d’ says to you at breakfast, “There’s a full moon tonight, so I’ve found you a nice, private table on deck for dinner” that you know you’re on a five-star ship. Heard that great mechanics in Canada make a lot of money and they are currently hiring? Visit their site for more information.

If you are using your yacht for a marine research project this company is one of the best using network of strategic alliances and associates to add technical depth and worldwide experience to our core capabilities.


“It’s yachting, not cruising” SeaDream Yacht Club is different from big ship cruising. this yacht has Yacht Lettering on the outside it also is custom built by local craftsmen using traditional materials while offering sleek contemporary luxury, In Thailand these boats are very popular, and the hiring demand is huge, if you are interested in make a beautiful experience on a part time work  learn more about the Yacht machinery and how to sail with it at .
Casual, sophisticated and unpretentious, the SeaDream experience is highlighted by outstanding service, delicious cuisine and visits to ports of call where you’ll rarely see another cruise ship. You can aceboater website for boater license test they provide practice test with answer.

There’s no dress code, but plan on “elegant casual” by day and, well, “casually elegant” by night. Women do dress up in cocktail dresses, for example this Shona Joy Dress, so don’t take “casually elegant” as a euphemism for turning up for dinner in shorts. Just don’t bother to pack a tie if you’re a man.

All meals are open-seating, and many tables for two are available, which makes SeaDream a terrific choice for the romantically inclined. On the other hand, the ship’s intimate size fosters a lovely community, and it’s easy to meet others. Weather permitting, limited dining is available on deck. Tell the maitre d’ at breakfast if you’d like a table outside that night.

SeaDream is one of the more all-inclusive lines in cruising, so beverages (including cocktails), gratuities, equipment offered at the water sports platform and DVD’s for in-cabin viewing are part of the fare. You will, however, shell out for treatments at the small but well-appointed spa, super premium liquors and wines, and shore excursions.

On SeaDream’s two yachts, a unique and popular activity is sleeping under the stars, either on the double Balinese loungers facing the sea, aft of the Top of the Yacht Bar, or, if you put in your request early, on the big, eight-person bed on the forward deck. Duvets and pillows are provided. It’s first come, first served, but we didn’t have a problem securing a bed for a night.

The all suite ship will take you in style on voyages of breathtaking beauty and discovery on the mysterious rivers of Myanmar (Burma) With only 112 guests being pampered by an award-winning crew of 95, the level of attention and service we pay to each of our guests makes yachting aboard either one of the mega-yachts SeaDream feel as if you are on your own private yacht. Steve at AH360 Photography takes some amazing Boat Pictures in Florida, the expression ‘Yacht Club’ is not only about size; it is a statement about lifestyle aboard the small, ultra-deluxe mega-yachts. Chic and stylish, SeaDream I and II are the ultimate hybrid of deluxe private yacht and luxury boutique spa. The elegant informality of the yachts sits comfortably with state-of-the art facilities, discreet, personal service and world class cuisine.

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