Welcome to TravelModus!

Welcome to TravelModus.

Traveling, is an act we do to experience ourselves as a different person, even if only for a short while.  Our travel experiences allow us to break from our daily routines and observe the world with different possibilities, behaviors, and lives. We strive to experience our global cultures and settlements, places created by the genius of the human mind.

 Regardless their travel reasons, some people have an urge to wander. They enjoy wandering from place to place; they are thirsty to tell their stories and experiences. To create their own opinion, style and curiosity – we call these people ‘Seyyah’*.

Due to the impact of globalization everything has been washed with a feeling of homogeneity. Places must now strive to protect and preserve their spirit…

The main mission of Travelmodus’ Seyyahs is to discover and expose the originality, difference and diversity and personality of destinations, food, accommodations, services, events, art and architecture..They share their personal stories, their experiences and discoveries with you sincerely… 

Our Seyyahs are not after the newest, but they are after the most valuable and is really worth experiencing, visiting..And they only review the hotels and resorts they stay, the food they eat, the wine they drink, the architecture they visit, the service they experience, the book they read, events and art they enjoy and find worth writing about..

Seyyah*: Arabic-Turkish-Indian word for Explorer, Traveler, Voyager. Marco Polo was a ‘seyyah’

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