Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy


Hotel Cipriani is the most famous hotel in Venice because of its name… Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the renowned Harry’s Bar in Venice, opened the hotel in 1958 on the island of Giudecca and immediately attracted celebrities and royalty, in much the same way that Harry’s Bar drew Hemingway and Fitzgerald. In the 18th century, Giudecca served as a retreat for both nobles and common city dwellers, who came here for the fresh air. By the late 1950s, when Cipriani built the hotel, it was still a secluded destination, reachable only by water. The exclusive complex that includes the main hotel, two “palaces”—the Palazzo Vendramin and Palazzetto Nani Barbaro—and lavish Cazanova gardens. The Palazzo Vendramin and connecting Palazzetto are two 15th-century buildings linked to the Hotel Cipriani through an ancient courtyard and flowered passage-way, with magnificent views overlooking the lagoon and St. Mark’s square.


The Palazzo Vendramin, formerly a 15th-century aristocratic residence, consists of seven luxury suites and three double bedrooms with private butler service, and of course the incredible views of St. Mark’s Square. Hotels elegant restaurant  Cip’s Club was originally created for the two Palazzi of the Cipriani, the Vendramin and the Palazzetto Nani Barbaro. The Restaurant has a splendid view of St. Mark’s Square and is within easy reach of hotels private pier in the Piazza San Marco, just opposite the Doge’s Palace. Just in front of the Cip’s Club there is a wonderful wooden terrace for outdoor dinners and luncheons, decorated in the style of the deck of a private yacht.

Cipriani has the perfect location, it is within easy reach of St Mark’s Square and yet far enough away to ensure peace and privacy. Its heated 600 square meter salt water pool is the only one in Venice and can be used all year long.  The fact that not much has changed since its opening in 1958, Cipriani attracts many celebrities especially during Venice film festival, who come here to drink the best Bellinis in town (invented by Giuseppe Cipriani).
Stay either in one of the suites in Palazzo Vendramin or in the hotels garden suite with a private terrace overlooking to the pool, having in mind that Cipriani is not about in room amenities..












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