Kuum Hotel, Bodrum, Turkey


Kuum is not only a hotel, but like  a small settlement that has opened in 2008 in Bodrum, an international destination renowned for its wonderful climate, turquoise waters and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is like  a small village with its hotel-houses, two restaurants, shops, 300 meter long beach and spa..Kuum Hotel and Spa  consist of a 66 room Hotel, a Spa which will be run by Anantara.

Bodrum is a Mediterranean port-trade settlement in the Southwest of Turkey. The area boasts a rich history of over three thousand years, including Hellenistic times. The venerated scientist Heredot was born there and sculptures by artists including Leochares, Bryaxis, and Timotheos were exhibited there and can now be found in museum collections around the world.
Kuum is an innovative concept for boutique lifestyle and hotels and designed by Gokhan Avcioglu and GAD.  The architecture for KUUM was inspired by the regional beauty, resources and historical legacy of southwestern Turkey and the Aegean Sea.  GAD’s aim was to design the units in harmony with their natural setting so they blend in and do not harm the environment or call for any trees to be destroyed. Each unit of the hotel is modeled and designed with the flexibility to have the beautiful view of the bay..The rooms are designed as S, M, L and XL and even the Small room is 30 square meter and each room has either a terrace or private garden.

The hotel’s Balikci restaurant is at the seaside on the end of 300 meter long beach and  serves the freshest fish and all kinds of fish snacks.  While you eat your fish caught that morning you can swing your feet in the water..













Photos by Leo Fabrizio, Ozlem Avcioglu, Ali Bekman

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