Made In China, Beijing


Made in China does not only impress with its food  but  also with its unique decoration. you never expect from a hotel restaurant.  In Made in China  the whole restaurant is a big  Show Kitchen  and you sit either between Wine Cellar and oven where they cook the Peking Ducks, or among the cooks who prepare dim sum or next to the tea preparation table.  Everything is cooked or prepared next or across you. The atmosphere is very stimulating with the buzz from diners and the action from the kitchen.

The restaurant has the best Peking Duck and many tasty North Chinese specialities like Beggar’s Chicken served with the most innovative presentations. It has a great selection of Chinese teas which are exhibited in different traditional pods in the restaurant. It is a must visit place while you are in Beijing..




photos are courtesy of Made in China and by Ozlem Avcioglu

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